It's wonderful to be curious about life. To ask the question and be excited by the answers. To be courageous and take the steps out of your comfort zone.

What my clients say

The amazing people I work with from around the world

Executive - Transnet Ports

October 16

Sally made me feel so comfortable and was able to probe and ask questions in the right direction that enabled me to open up and consider challenges and achievements at work that I had never given much thought to. She enabled me to think about my blind spots and provided tools and techniques to address these so that I could be a better manager and work colleague. Sally was always working one step ahead of me and was prepared to discuss matters at each coaching session that brought about a new development for me, she was able to break down challenges and decision making processes to be practical to enable me to work towards a better me. I was really impressed with getting reading material from Sally during the coaching sessions that were relevant to my development needs and I appreciate the background work Sally had done  throughout the coaching period for me to get maximum value from the experience. Sally was able to make me think about my development at both a professional and personal level and directed me to make changes that impacted me both personally and professionally. Undergoing coaching with Sally was a such a huge learning experience for me and I would recommend her to anyone that is wanting growth from a professional and personal perspective. Thanks Sally for the coaching experience, I have learnt and grown so much from it.

Individual Client

March 13

Thanks for today, you have a way of highlighting things and inspiring at the same time - thanks.


May 13

A great big THANK YOU to Unique Coaching. Without that session - we might still be planning to 'take over the world' without actually having the guts to contact our first school !!!! Every business needs an hour (or two or three ) with you - just to put everything in perspective !!

Executive - Novo Nordisk

March 16

Thank You Sally ! We had fun and I can most certainly say that this workshop interaction was just what our team needed to begin a journey towards more introspection and respect towards each other... and most importantly to have more FUN, TOLERANCE AND RESPECT to what makes each of us UNIQUE.

Business clients

April 13

I started working with Sally after a particularly bad experience in the workplace, which robbed me of my confidence and any form of career direction. Through coaching, I have managed to re-establish my confidence and self-worth, as well as a sense of direction and purpose. I have found my sense of ambition and drive once again, and feel a renewed sense of energy. Thank you Sally!

Regional Sales Manager - Novo Nordisk

Sept 16

Thank you Sally for your excellent facilitation of our Enneagram workshop. Your professionalism was sincerely appreciated and you most certainly had an impact not only on our team but also each individual resulting in many positive changes and choices for each member of our team. A very rewarding and worthwhile experience. 


June 14

I appreciated the straight forward, challenging nature of the sessions. Although the challenges were in questioning my perception of situations, the validity of my feelings was never doubted, only used to unpack the reasons for the feelings and we always looked at solutions and tools for moving forward.

Director - Imperial Tobacco Africa

June 15

Through her delightful and professional way, Sally truly helped me to think more clearly, to focus on the core of my issues and to address these effectively and efficiently. Sally showed me why I should be proud of my achievements and to believe in myself. My confidence levels grew and I felt increasingly comfortable to face my team and the demands my new role had placed on me. She kept me sane and upbeat in times of deep anxiety, I am forever grateful to her for all the time and mentoring she afforded me, she is a fantastic coach.

Co-Owner & Director

June 16

That was just-in-time sanity. Perfect timing and a good wrap-up of what is going down. It certainly added clarity. Thanks

Line Manager -

March 11

Sally helped provide focus and direction at a crucial time in my mid-life career cycle. She is a great listener and had the ability to grasp my convoluted descriptions, contain them and provide a framework to make sense of it all, leading to a plan of action which is achievable and empowering. My time invested with Sally was worth every minute and I highly recommend her coaching practice.

Mr Price Executive

Aug 14

You have been able to show me sides of myself that I didn’t even realise existed, in addition to this your gentle beautiful manner and wit really allowed me to be myself which I actually don’t find very easy with many people. I have learnt more from you than you can imagine and will continue to speak sternly/stand up to my inner critic and live a less dramatic black and white/perfection or failure existence thanks to you. I am so grateful for my time with you.

Senior Manager

Aug 15

Sally managed to create a professional yet relaxed atmosphere where I felt I could trust her with issues I wouldn’t normally share with people. She encouraged me to ‘dig deep’ as it were, and to face my demons. While this was hard work and at times uncomfortable for me, it resulted in a far greater sense of self-awareness. This has contributed to the higher self esteem I now have. I have made some courageous decisions in this last year which have improved my life considerably. My sessions with Sally were most beneficial in making these decisions.

Owner Construction Company

Aug 16

Sally, being extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Enneagram personality profiling test, encouraged me to use it as a management tool within my business. I was personally blown away with the accuracy of the results as they pinpointed seemingly conflicting aspects of my character with amazing accuracy. The report described / understood me to a T. Similarly with the other members of our team. Identifying and understanding the Enneagram types of my staff helped me immensely in knowing how to adapt my management style for each individual in order to best motivate them and help them grow within the organization. Having taken various personality tests over the years I can definitely say that the Enneagram was the most accurate and useful in helping me to understand myself and others better.

Author & Lecturer

Sept 10

Sally is a compassionate, thorough and efficient business and life coach who has enabled me to align my goals and tackle challenges in an orderly and positive way. My time spent with her was invaluable and I am putting her suggestions into practice every day. I am reaching small goals and edging closer to the big ones - I recommend her for anyone who is facing a challenge at work or in their personal lives and who is eager to try new and innovative ways of solving them.

Counselling Psychologist

Sept 15

I was fortunate to have had 4 coaching sessions with Sally. Sally is an excellent listener and quickly identified areas that I needed to attend to. viz. refocusing my areas of work speciality, refining my website, management of my client base and my own personal growth.

Career & Business Client

Nov 14

Myself and my business partner met Sally at a time when we were really questioning whether we should continue with our company, or part ways. It was an emotional time, as not only were we business partners, but also best friends - so much more than just business was at stake. Through our sessions with Sally, we were able to talk openly and honestly, and to say and discuss the things that needed to be said, but were difficult to verbalise. In the end we did part ways, but it was done in the most amicable way and we remain very good friends and are both supportive of each others personal vision for the future. For me, as a non-confrontational type, Sally's presence and input was crucial, and I am very thankful we met her when we did. Thank you Sally.

Private Care Company

April 2011

Your warmth and sense of humour allowed us all to feel completely at ease from day one. The process of delving into problems was enlightening and freeing as we began to understand more about the dynamics involved in our office. We greatly appreciated your professional and confidential manner and have learned a great deal about what factors are holding the company/individual back as well as gaining great ideas of how to combat some of them. It has also been good to be reminded of what we are doing well. A really positive experience for all involved.

Due to the nature of my business and the confidential element, I choose not to disclose my clients names or photos with their testimonials. However, for further clarification or credibility please contact me directly.