The Enneagram

It is a cutting edge tool to enhance human potential & facilitate personal and career/work change

I have worked with many coaching tools over the years and can honestly say the Enneagram is the most powerful and insightful one I have used to date.

Simply put, it is a unique motivational character assessment that provides us with a framework from which we can work on our emotional intelligence and develop self- and meta-awareness.

It works incredibly well for both individuals and teams, and is increasingly being used in top companies as a powerful tool to quickly and effectively improve management skills and motivate employees. The Enneagram can offer insight into team and company dynamics as well as the work style of the management and employees.

How does the Enneagram work?

By understanding personality types, we can “speak the language” of others. Real communication is then possible and we are able to deal more effectively with conflicts, ineffective work habits, office politics and different management styles. If we want to maximize our effectiveness, we need to learn how to manage and how to relate to different types of people.  The Enneagram helps us see our own personality dynamics, and those of others, more clearly.

I ask all my clients to complete an Enneagram profile. This is not compulsory, but in order for me to assist you as your coach, it does allow me to see more hidden/shadow parts of your character.

What my clients say

The amazing people I work with from around the world

  • I was personally blown away with the accuracy of the results as they pinpointed seemingly conflicting aspects of my character with amazing accuracy. The report described / understood me to a T.
    Owner Construction Company
    Aug 16

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