Its wonderful to be curious about life. To ask the questions and be excited by the answers. To be courageous and take the steps out of your comfort zone.

Executive, Leadership & Management Coaching

Raise your game and take charge

Executive coaching provides a uniquely challenging and yet supportive working partnership that benefits the individual and often the organisation in which they work. Ultimately it’s about improvement – through developing skills, confidence, focus and getting to know yourself on a much deeper level.

I challenge your thinking and the assumptions you make whilst supporting and guiding you.

Key elements of the coaching include:

  • Defining coaching objectives early on, encompassing both short-term goals and longer term aspirations.
  • Understanding and reflecting on key strengths and challenges.
  • Helping you to think creatively and develop your thinking to produce realistic and effective strategies and to break non-serving habits.
  • Supporting and challenging you as you pursue the achievement of your goals.

I am able to offer you:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • In-house mentoring, supporting you in action with you and your team
  • Long-term leadership vision and action plan with a set time frame

Areas of specialisation:

  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Executives & Management Leadership Coaching
  • Group & Team Coaching – designing tailor-made interventions
  • Relationship Dynamics, personal and workplace
  • Conflict Management
  • Change & Diversity Management
  • Enneagram Personality Profiling and Coaching with Individuals and Teams
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As Your Coach, I Promise to:

  • Treat you as a unique individual
  • Help you find your answers within yourself
  • Allow you to revaluate your values
  • Take on an holistic approach
  • Be proactive & goal-orientated
  • Keep 100% confidentiality
  • Offer structure and a plan and keep you on track
  • Give you an intelligent thinking partner
  • Sometimes play a mentor role
  • Listen to you, the spoken and unspoken word
  • Offer two-way accountability and neutrality
  • Offer my knowledge and encouragement
  • Give honest feedback and enjoy your feedback to me
  • Challenge you and hold you accountable.

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