I choose to partner internationally with individuals who want to embrace personal growth and self-development both in their career and personal arenas.

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Maximise your mind, work towards the future you

In this fast-paced world we live in, when was the last time you gave yourself the gift of an hour to reflect and receive feedback from a neutral thinking partner? Allowing yourself this time to focus 100% on you is empowering

I work with a diverse range of clients from all over the world. Many of whom have highly stressful positions and high levels of responsibility. In order to work within their optimum level and towards their own personal greatness they know the benefits of working with a professional and accredited Executive Coach.

They are motivated and driven and enjoy working with a coach who is:

  • Authentic – When you work with me you get a real individual not a text book model.
  • Intuitive – have an ability to hear the unspoken words people are often hesitant to say.
  • Supportive – Because I’m a good listener, I make an understanding mentor who is able to get to the bottom of matters.
  • Transparent – My clients can always rely on me to “say it like it is”.
  • Challenging – I will stretch you, challenge you and, if necessary, hold you accountable.

I am able to work within a wide spectrum of issues and dilemmas. Nothing is too big, too small, too frightening or too easy… if it’s important to you, that’s all that counts. After all, I work with the holistic you.

So, if you’re looking for a quick fix, I’m probably not your coach. But if you’re ready to start making real, lasting change, then let’s chat.


Why do I work predominantly (not exclusively) with men?

We live in a cut-throat and competitive world and men, in particular, still operate in a society where the pressure can be excessive. Regardless of culture, society the world over expects men to always be powerful, successful and strong. And as a result, they feel the need to be this individual that can and must hold it all together.

But there are times when we don’t have all that answers. When we aren’t managing with the pressure or stress of the job. When we do have doubts and can’t make our minds up. And that’s okay. But at times like those we sometimes don’t want to offload on our loved ones. Sometimes we want to speak in a safe space where there is no judgment or ulterior motive. And that’s where I come in.

I have a great rapport with men, which I think stems from genuinely understanding the demands placed on them.

Don’t be too busy being busy.

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