Every man has a unique journey of empowerment, self-awareness and personal growth to travel that deserves one-on-one attention.

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Global Coaching

When was the last time you stopped. To think. Reflect. Grow? Or are you too busy being busy?

Coaching Clients

I work with a diverse range of clients from all over the world. Mostly men, they are all motivated and driven to know themselves. And they all have one thing in common…

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I am able to work within a wide spectrum of issues and dilemmas. Nothing is too big, too small, too frightening or too simple… if it’s important to you, that’s all that counts.

Sally Ann Burgess

A Bit About Me

My joys in life include bare feet walking on the beach, fresh air, open spaces, yoga, kindness, good food, good wine and spending time with those I love. So what led me to coaching? People. And what makes them tick…

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What my clients say

The amazing people I work with from around the world

  • Sally helped provide focus and direction at a crucial time in my mid-life career cycle.
    Line Manager - amazon.com
    March 11
  • My confidence levels grew and I felt increasingly comfortable to face my team and the demands my new role had placed on me.
    Director - Imperial Tobacco Africa
    June 15
  • Sally is a compassionate, thorough and efficient business and life coach who has enabled me to align my goals and tackle challenges in an orderly and positive way.
    Author & Lecturer
    Sept 10
  • I was fortunate to have had 4 coaching sessions with Sally. Sally is an excellent listener and quickly identified areas that I needed to attend to. viz. refocusing my areas of work speciality, refining my website, management of my client base and my own personal growth.
    Counselling Psychologist
    September 15

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